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It is a pleasure to have your children at École Holy Cross Elementary School.  It has also been a wonderful journey for all of us at Holy Cross.  After opening our doors on December 10, 2007, we have grown and developed in culture and learning.

I would like to remind you of our school mission statement:

At Holy Cross School...

Our students are preparing for a changing world by:

  • Learning to value
  • Learning to follow Jesus
  • Learning to learn...

We make a difference... for Life.

Our culture of Social Justice has evolved with the leadership of all teachers through a variety of local, national, an international social justice initiatives.  This Social Justice is strongly supported by a very strong moral intelligence program where your children are exposed to and expected to enahcen their own skills in virtues such as, empathy, conscience, self-control, kindness, respct, tolerance, perserverence, and fairness.

Our teachers continue to upgrade themselves throughout each year with various professional development as needed.

Teachers at Holy Cross regularly are involved in peer observations and lesson study.  This is the idea of teachers watching teachers teach to improve instruction.

Some of the benefits to this are;

  1. Trying recently learned professional development in the classroom
  2. Enhancing and improving instruction by analyzing what works and what need to change.
  3. Enhancing the learning of new teachers in our district.

So with all this being said, please be aware that at any given time and day, your children may have more than one teacher in their classroom involved in their learning.

Tribes and Coyote Creed

All Holy Cross teaching staff are trained in the process of Tribes.  This is a 4 day workshop which works on a philosophy of developing inclusion in a community of learners.  This common training for all staff helps foster a consistent classroom environment as students move from grade to grade.  To support this Tribes process in each classroom, "Spirit's Coyote Creed" is also a focus for our students throughout the school year.  "Spirit" is the name of the coyote mascot in the main hallway.  Spirit's Creed helps to guide student actions in the Holy Cross School environment.


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Fine Arts

Our Fine Arts program has been fortunate to have the expertise and talents of a music teacher who works with all classes throughout each week.

Teaching and learning at Holy Cross is about challenging and encouraging your children as we work to form and inform them both academically and spriritually.

Please remember that we are here to help your children be successful at school and enjoy the school experience.  If there is any way that I can be of assistance to you or your children in the Holy Cross School experience, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Will Baker,

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