Technology Integration

Given the rapid rate of change in Alberta and the influence of technology on life in general, it is vital for students to receive the necessary skill sets to be successful in this ever-evolving world.

Lakeland Catholic's vision for Technology has evolved from individual school based computer labs to a district wireless laptop learning environment since our initial "literacy pilot" project which consisted of one grade 4 classroom in 2006.

The Alberta K-12 curriculum is beginning to integrate the Information and Communication Technology outcomes directly into the subject specific curriculums. In order for this to be properly realized, it is necessary for students to have access to lap tops in every one of their classes. No longer is it practical for schools to have a sole computer lab.

Currently Lakeland Catholic supports over 1800 laptops, 100 plus Smart boards, 6 Polycom Video Conference Suites, District wide Meru Wireless system and two CTS computer labs for the 2000 students in the seven schools of our District.

It is vital for students and educators to have 24/7 access to Web 2.0 and other technologies in order to access information and resources that allow them to do research, data analysis and content sharing in a collaborative environment.

Assessment of this new knowledge and learning requires relevant and timely feedback to students, teachers, parents, and decision-makers in order to design and maintain a continuously improving learning environment. We have implemented a number of tools such as PowerSchool, WebHelp Desk, Wikis, Blogs, Staff and Student Portals and a locally developed IPP (Individualized Personal Planner) program to provide access to communication and collaboration resources anytime and anywhere.

Currently Lakeland Catholic employs an elementary and high school ICT support teacher to assist teachers in the classroom with daily intentional technology integration. We also have one network and two workstation technicians to assist teachers with everyday maintenance of technology in the classroom. These individuals are vital to ensuring our District remains in the forefront in all aspects of technology in the classroom.

Lakeland Catholic teachers are becoming more than information experts; we collaborate in learning and seek new knowledge alongside our students. Most importantly, we model new ways of thinking and learning.